Trance Tank

Trance Tank – Make Techno not War

Trance Tank is an Action-Shooter with Jump `N Run components and also equipped with cool Techno-Sounds. You will be able to control the tanks like no other game before. Experience classic shooting action in a unique landscape that takes you through an extraordinary graphic world. The tanks can jump and sometimes perform acrobatic movements such as somersaults etc. to avoid enemies or obstacles. The techno tracks playing in the background are supplemented by shooting enemies to play techno samples. This always creates a new type of piece of music. Points and fuel can also be collected to increase the high score or to unlock new tanks. Each vehicle has its own driving characteristics and some levels can only be mastered with certain tanks. You have to be a good shooter but at the same time you have to control your tank perfectly through the terrain.
In addition to difficult jumps and many enemies such as various soldiers, guns and vehicles, you also have to assert yourself in boss battles in order to be victorious with your tank in the end.

Get ready, load your gun and start the engine.

Functions & Features:

Action based & intuitive gameplay

Special minimal design

Atmospheric sounds and music to match the scenery

Intuitive controls with dual touch

6 different tanks that can be unlocked


More than 27 Level

Trance Tank is a premium game and contains no advertising or in-app purchases.
Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android coming soon)

RELEASE: 21 Dec 2023