Drone For Honor

Dark times reign in the galaxy!!! Chreas, a warlord from the Chrotos-System, has subjugated all inhabited planets in the galaxy, proclaimed himself “emperor” and established a terror regime. There are only two classes, Elite and Low. The lower classes are severely oppressed and must serve the rulers. There is only one way out of the misery of the lower classes…You have to fight…in the arena, called „Chreasodrom“.
Take on the role of a drone pilot, fight and rise up as a new member of the elite.
In the many rounds in the arena you have to survive against more and more opponents and your skills will be stretched to the limit.
Win all battles, defeat your opponents and start your new life.

– Fast 3D-Shooting-Action
– 99 Level
– FPS with mouse and one button control (UI based controls to serve a good experience to handicapped people)
high level of accessibility!!!