Coded [ ] Art is a network of freelancers specialized in game and media development. Interdisciplinary members work on the various projects in the fields of mobile gaming and online communication. Our partners come from different disciplines such as illustration or programming. The two initiators Christian Streinz and Tomislav Stjepanovic both have an artistic background and are also involved in exhibitions.

Tomislav (Tomo) and I (Christian) have been working since our student days in Vienna on game and game-type projects. In 2007 we released our first news-game or else interactive cartoons. These projects were exhibited in many national and international art shows. Simultaneously we worked on commercial projects for our clients in the realm of culture and education. Further we developed Game-Art pieces and interactive installations that we presented at many international media art festivals. Since 2014 we have been focussing on the development of commercial games for mobile platforms. Of course we have not forgotten our artistic background and are still involved in exhibitions.
Tomislav and I work together on the game concepts and discuss the aesthetic nature of our digital products. Tomo is our audio and graphics professional and I deal primarily with the game-play, level design and programming.
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